Monday, January 10, 2011

Shifting Reliances

As a practicing Buddhist, I am keenly aware of the truism that things change. We all see this with the shifting weather, the price of gas or how we ourselves are feeling at the moment. What we tend to overlook, at least I did, is that even those few things we come to rely on can also change.

As I have said in earlier blog posts, I use the snowy winters to ski and thus stay in good enough shape for the triking season. I can't rely on being able to walk an equivalent measure so I assume the winters will be sufficiently snowy for my purposes. However, knowing the reality of climate change, I always had back up plans and if I couldn't walk then I had my trusty weight machine to help me keep my body toned...except that my weight machine is currently out of service. Adam and I both use it but one of the steel cables is fraying and so we have another set on order. The last thing either of us wants is to be in the middle of using it only to have one of the cables snap. There is virtually no risk of any serious injury but it would be a colossal pain in the rump if any of the cables failed thus rendering the machine itself unusable. Well, this is what happened to us recently.

I inspect the cables before I use my weight machine as does Adam but he was the one who noticed the initial fraying of the main cable. This was on top of the fact that we put our skis away due to a complete lack of any snow. So, our fitness regimen is now down to walking which, for me, can be a little challenging...except that, starting later this morning, I am adding yoga to my regimen.

A friend of mine had told me about a lunchtime yoga session she attends and would I like to start going with her? So now, I have added "lunchtime yoga" to my weekly routine, shifting my Avonex shot day back by 24 hours.

This is the reality of life, isn't it? One's safe and secure reliances, such as there being a good snowy winter by January or the enduring soundness of steel cables on a weight machine, are forever subject to change.

We did order a new set of cables and had a good snowfall this past weekend. Conditions may be good enough to hit the nearby trails by later this week...around the time the new cables should arrive. My legs still work (for now) and I'm hoping to do yoga each Monday. We'll see how long this goes.


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