Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Approaching a third

We went out and skied another 5 kilometres in the wetlands. This is the second day in a row that we've gone out to the wetlands and, as of now, the conditions are pretty good. Certainly, I feel they're good enough to ski on and so keep in shape for the upcoming triking season.

Here it is, January 26th. It's about -10C outside under overcast skies and with some light snow trickling down. This is a HUGE difference from the arctic conditions we had this past weekend. Even on Monday, though sunny, I found myself grateful for the down filled warm coat I was wearing as I jogged to both stay warm and to make it to my yoga class. But now, sane conditions have returned and so do we to the wetlands.

I've been keeping track on our white board in the kitchen of how many kilometres each of us has skied so far this season. I had set out a goal to ski 100 kilometres this ski season and managed to get in 19.4 kilometres before conditions deteriorated - mostly from the utter dearth of any ski-able snow. Then, it got bitterly cold, then it was Tuesday and things were looking a little easier to take. We headed out, skied a few kilometres only to discover that some parts of the extended wetlands weren't ski-able. The weather was really good for skiing and, as it is much lighter at 5:00pm at this time of year, we were mindful of the aging of winter. That meant that the skiing season could end rather quickly (not that it ever really started) and so going out as often as possible would be in our future.

Today, we skied once more, including finding a way around the bare parts (I have the burrs to prove it, too) and so I was able to update the tally once again. I am at 28.2 kilometres and Adam is at 31.2 kilometres, he having done an extra couple yesterday. We're not quite there yet, but we are approaching the 1/3 point of my stated goal of 100 kilometres.

Hey, I can dream...


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