Wednesday, January 12, 2011

from yogurt to yoga...

I started yoga this past Monday and it is because of my good friend Helena. She and I meet every week or so for tea and just catch up on what's been going on. Well, she recently mentioned that she had started going to yoga classes and wondered if I would be interested in going with her. The drop in fee is low, the place is easy to get to and - best of all - it's held in the middle of the day.

I've only been once and my impressions are that it is a great way to stretch, re-energize and yet unwind all at once. I have done tai chi in the past and, even now, do tai chi warm ups weekday mornings. Adam, who has been doing tai chi for many years now and used to teach it, has been helping me to get back into doing a set...but I'm really enjoying the yoga.

The stated health benefits of yoga are numerous. Joints move more freely, breathing and tissue oxygenation are improved along with circulation, balance can be helped (a major issue for me), digestion is purported to improve and yoga can help to tone muscles and actually aid in weight loss. Granted, I'm not doing this for weight loss but for health promotion, but a stated benefit is a stated benefit no matter what else.

Helena had mentioned that she always felt better after going to yoga even though a number of the poses and moves can be quite physically demanding. I felt that, too, and definitely intend on returning next Monday for another lunchtime session. Anything I can do to help my physical condition for the upcoming triking season is of interest to me. Thank you Helena!


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