Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday, March 31

It's cold today - compared to the summer-like weather we had had a little over a week ago. It was pretty breezy, too, for going out triking so light jackets and gloves were called for. At least it was sunny and the breezes were settling down enough so that it shouldn't be too grim heading out.

The route we picked out was one I had suggested. I had us going up Bridlepath to Hunt Club, crossing Hunt Club to Daze and then on past Bank Street and on Cahill. It's a Saturday so there were no road works vehicles out there. The street sweepers were supposedly out there but we hadn't seen any of them at that point. Cahill hadn't been swept yet so we really had to straddle the line of finely crushed gravel and the road itself ever wary of cars and buses that were also out there.

Rounding Cahill and turning left quickly found us on the recreational pathway that meanders its way to the Greenboro branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Familiar with that path, we zoomed through there passing a few pedestrians who were also out there. There were even a few dog owners out there but, thankfully (very thankfully) their dogs were all on leashes and otherwise everyone was well behaved.

It was a matter of a few minutes before we found ourselves at the corner of the turn-in to the library parking lot and Lorry Greenberg. We turned left onto Lorry Greenberg, noticed that it hadn't been swept either, and otherwise continued our way. By then the winds had really dropped off so that helped to keep us comfortable. No matter how much heat one generates pedalling, there is something about beating into the wind that makes for a less pleasant trip. Thankfully, not only had the wind dropped but the bright sunshine just made for a much nicer trip.

We crossed Conroy at Lorry Greenberg and triked to Blohm, a meandering circle of a street riddled with houses, parks and all manner of townhouses and other typical suburban buildings. We followed Blohm all the way to Karsh, turned down it and followed that street around until we met up once again with Lorry Greenberg. Turning down Karsh Adam and I both immediately noticed that what slight breeze was out there was now at our back so both building up speed and doing so in comfort would be easier. Car traffic was light so that was a bonus.

We crossed Conroy again and stayed on Lorry Greenberg until we got to Hunt Club Road. We saw our first street sweeper chugging along Sable Ridge Drive, which is right across from the Lorry Greenberg/Hunt Club intersection. Ottawa has a number of streets which change name at seemingly random locations. Russell Road going north from Russell, for instance, becomes Hawthorne for a short bit and then Saint Laurent even though it's the same stretch of pavement. I realize it's because a given road can join up with another given road and assume that name but without street signs telling you this, you'd never know where you are.

Sable Ridge Drive is a street in an area that is a bit of an uphill climb but, with 27 gears at my disposal, heading up that road (instead of the more usual down) is just not an issue. At the top there is a tiny fenced pathway that spits one out onto Levadia. Then, we followed that to Athans Avenue. A left turn onto Athans followed by a quick right onto 6th and down quite a bit brought us to Queensdale, that lonnnnng stretch of almost perfectly straight road I so enjoy. We got to the end at Albion, turned right and then a quick left onto Emerald Gate Avenue. We were close to home by then and I was still feeling quite energetic - which is odd considering the time of day.

From Emerald Gate to Autumnwood, we followed our way to the little recreational pathway cutting around Trapper's Park. Onto Trapper's Road itself, we cycled to the end and found ourselves at Bridlepath. Trapper's and Bridlepath form a 3-way stop. By the time I got to the intersection, the pick-up truck on my left tried to wave me through and I really REALLY wish drivers wouldn't do that. If I don't have the right of way, then I do not go. There were other vehicles any one of which could have chosen to go or to otherwise cause problems. I waved the pick-up truck driver through and then took my turn. I turned left and headed home.

It was a good trip and I got home still feeling energized. Maybe it was the really good lunch I had had, maybe it was the pretty good weather, maybe it was just that I wanted to go out for a trike trip. No matter - it was a good trip and I can now say that I have shaved another 12.9 kilometres from my stated goal.

The forecast for this week is calling for some rain and cold showers tomorrow but a return to sunshine and half-way-decent temperatures for the early part of next week. I hope I will get another chance to keep shaving more kilometres from my goal.

Last standing was 286.8 kilometres to go
Today's tally was 12.9 done
That leaves me 273.9 to go as of today.


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