Thursday, March 22, 2012

catriking day 2

With the prospect of a cold front bringing with it cooler temperatures and the risk of a few showers, we decided to do a catrike trip early this morning. The weather was lovely (it still is as I sit and write this) and, best of all, traffic was light.

I am perpetually amazed at just how careless a lot of drivers and cyclists alike are. Stop signs seem to be cute but otherwise ignored by cars and bikes, along with signalling one's turn and for cyclists to indicate that they're slowing down and/or stopping.

'Nuff said on that.

Our trip this morning had us travel down Bridlepath towards Trapper's, around the streets there and then onto Albion. From there, we continued to Queensdale and then headed east towards Bank Street and suburbia beyond.

Once more we found ourselves travelling around neighbourhoods that feature large homes and lots of trash emerging from the last of winter's retreat. But, other than having to maneuver here and there to avoid frost heaves, piles of gravel and potholes today's venture was fairly uneventful. We were serenaded along our way by the chirping of chickadees, the do-weep do weep chyurp chyurp chyurp of cardinals (vocal cords with wings I call 'em) and the quiet cooing of mourning doves. Spring is definitely here.

From suburbia, we wound our way through the Carriage Hill area before finding ourselves neatly deposited right at Hunt Club and Lorry Greenberg. The library was only a block or two from there and so we kept going until we got to the pathway that meanders around this part of the city, with the library being merely a concrete blip in the way.

We took that, wound our way through and got to Cahill. Another way I can tell it's spring is the presence of road works crews on Cahill. It just seems to me that Cahill is always being torn up and reassembled in the spring. Then, we got to Cahill and Bank Street, ambled our way through the intersection. Our light turns green a few blessed seconds before the opposite side does to allow buses and/or cycles to go straight through an otherwise turn-only intersection. The (very) slight uphill along now Daze got us to Hunt Club and Bridlepath and we were a mere few hundred metres from our driveway.

I had wanted to do a good 8.0 kilometres but when I pulled into the driveway, saw that I was off by about 70 metres. I rolled my eyes, announced to Adam that I'd be back in a few seconds and then did a quick buzz through the north end of the cul-de-sac on our street. I got back in the few seconds I said it would take and can now say I did another 8.0 kilometres today.

Yesterday's standing was 294.8kilometres to go
Today's tally was 8.0 done
That leaves me 286.8 to go as of today.

Now the cold front can some sailing through. I'm home safe'n'sound and enjoying a cuppa cocoa in the back yard while writing this blog entry.


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