Friday, March 11, 2011

More kudos to Adam

It's still raining as I write this. Indeed, this is the second part of a very complex storm system we had. This time yesterday, Adam and I were both outside shovelling the 15-20 centimetres of heavy, wet snow from the driveway. It was still snowing though it was mixed with freezing rain...a harbinger of the heavy drenching we would soon get. Our issue was in making sure the drains on the street remain clear of ice. Otherwise, ponding and the inevitable flooding would be our fate and that was something we most definitely did NOT want.

So, with the rains and the softening of the late winter winds, the ski season is definitely over. I hung up my skis a few days ago, content with having done 66.4 kilometres - two thirds of my stated goal. However, Adam not only managed to meet my goal of 100 kilometres for the season but he exceeded that goal. He took advantage of the half-way decent conditions a few days ago. After his last trip, we calculated that he was a measly 1.2 kilometres shy of 100. This trip he would do would surely resolve that matter.

When he came back, after having skied south along the disused rail track, we added up the numbers and, long story short, Adam finished the 2010-2011 x-c ski season at 106.8 kilometres. Considering the - uh - inconsistent ski conditions we had this season, that is awesome. So...congratulations to you, Adam. Kudos on you having met that 100 kilometre goal. Adam has said that he did the 100+ kilometres in honour of me, that as I could not complete my goal that he would do it instead. For that I am thankful to Adam. But then, I am thankful to Adam anyway.

Now, we hang up the skis and merely wait for the weather to warm up to something we can trike in. Until the salt is cleaned up, though, we won't be triking. Soon, though, soon...




  1. I have to add that while Ruth set her goal of 100 km of XC skiing she wasn't able to complete it, so I finished the goal off as a tribute to her determination, thwarted only by illness. - Adam