Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, while I have, myself, hung up my skis for the season (yes I have), Adam hasn't. In fact, the weather having been so wonderfully gorgeous yesterday, he went out to do more skiing. His journeys took him south of here along the disused rail line for quite some way. In coming back, he continued north along the rail line and into the wetlands. If nothing else, he was able to see what the conditions were. Only then did he turn around yet again and glide his way back to his original starting point.

He was gone for quite awhile and I - correctly - assumed it was because he wanted to take advantage of the pretty good conditions that were out there. His timing was pretty good, too. We have a major winter storm drifting this way for later today with the promise of snow overnight tonight and well into tomorrow. Ordinarily that would spell good times for those of us who enjoy the snow (there are still a few of us who like winter) but the snow is supposed to change over to rain. It's also not forecast to get all that cold so what snow we do get won't last. In practical matters it not only means making sure the drain on the street is clear but also that the skiing season really is coming to a close.

So, what's the kudos about?

Recall that I had mentioned a goal of skiing 100 kilometres this season. Well, I skied 66.4 kilometres and left it at that. Adam, however, did a bit more and, after yesterday, a lot more. In fact, adding up his total distance, he is currently at the 98.8 kilometre mark. That means he only needs to ski another 1.2 kilometres...a whole 1200 metres for him to reach my stated goal. I guess he took my personal goal to heart which I find quite flattering, personally.

With this winter storm coming and due to exert its effects later today, we figure today is the last day to head out skiing because the much appreciated snow will change to a ski trail destroying rain by early tomorrow. Yuk!

So, I fully expect Adam to not only ski the last 1200 metres to reach my goal of 100 kilometres but to exceed it. If today is going to be it - he might as well finish the season off well.

Kudos to you, Adam, for your valiant efforts.


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