Friday, February 11, 2011

Math time!

Perfect weather+blue special wax on skis+3 kilometre hike to the Greenbelt trail entrance just off Albion Road+5.5 kilometre ski (Greenbelt trail entrance to Bank Street and back)+3 kilometre hike back home+continued great weather+Adam = 11/10

Indeed, our original plan to do what we termed the "Albion Expedition" turned out to be beyond perfect. After a good late breakfast of pancakes, we waxed our skis, packed our ski boots and requisite trail mix and hiked the 3 kilometres from our place to the Greenbelt trail entrance on Albion Road. We left at 9:40 and got to the trail head by 10:30.

The sun was shining even through a high thin layer of snow flurry-bearing clouds and what winds we had were light and not the skin shredding arctic conditions we had earlier this week. Admittedly, it was a bit of a slog carrying skis and poles but it was well worth it. Not having skied that trail section, we weren't sure what the conditions would be like but were more than prepared to follow through on our plans.

We were very much rewarded with picture perfect conditions. Others must have thought the same thing because the tracks we were both certain we would have to make were already there...and likely made by someone who had skied there earlier in the day. The skiing was smooth, no frustratingly slow going on over slippery conditions, no dog turds to have to scoot around and no garbage carelessly tossed by another person. Just perfect kick and perfect glide.

With the latest weather forecast calling for more snow but above zero temperatures and - ulp - risk of showers, it is quite possible that our beloved but all-too-short ski season may be over. Now, we enter that in-between season where there is no useful snow to ski on but still way too early to haul out the catrikes. For that, we must wait for the first serious rains to wash away all that (insert colourful word here) road salt.

"But, what about my goal of skiing 100 kilometres this season?" both of you may be asking. Well, as with many goals, I'm sure this one won't be reached; but so what. Goals are just that - they are hoped for outcomes but not such that failure means expulsion from the human race. I'm just grateful that I have been able to do 60.4 kilometres.


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