Saturday, May 1, 2010

A warm Saturday and all that smoke!

With the spasticity in sufficient abeyance, I decided to do a quick 11 k trike trip on my own this morning. The weather forecast was calling for rain and possible thunderstorms later in the afternoon so I thought getting out earlier would be better than later.

So, I got ready and headed outside and only noticed then a rather thick pall of black-grey smoke hanging in the skies just to the east of home. Being a curious sort, I thought I would head out and investigate the source of said smoke. Traffic was light, thankfully, and I soon found myself zooming along the quieter streets in the neighbourhood. Always visible was that pillar of smoke - you know, the kind that often gets featured on the covers of such respectable journals as The National Enquirer or Weekly World News and in which Satan's face is visible. Well, Old Nick was nowhere to be seen but, looking at the moving smoke, I was able to ascertain that the easterly winds were pretty brisk and that meant I would have a good headwind at the start of my trip.

In short order, I noticed the smoke had waned and, eventually, dissipated. By that time, I was a good 5 kilometres from my house. The day was heating up and I was getting hungry for some lunch. Plus, the skies were already starting to cloud over and the last thing I wanted was to get stuck in some random, nasty downpour. So, I headed home and that involved my travelling along Hunt Club Road, one of the busier streets in Ottawa's south end.

Personally, I have no problems whatsoever riding my trike on roads; they're for my use too. I follow the rules of the road, use my mirror a lot and am always aware of what other traffic is around me. That didn't stop a few other drivers from shouting silly remarks to me as they zoomed past me in their cars (by 'silly' is meant 'obscene' but you probably knew that). However, approaching the street where I had to turn left, I put my arm out to signal and two automobile drivers were very kind to let me in front of them thus allowing me a smooth and simple lane change. For that, I am grateful and may those drivers enjoy the merits of their act.

While I have no problem riding on roads, I gotta admit that I felt better once I got away from the thick of traffic. Cars don't scare me but I don't really like just how noisy busy roads get.


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