Friday, April 23, 2010

Very minor setback...

Well, here it is, April 23rd. It's sunny in the nation's capital, warm and even the north wind isn't too cold.
But, I am not out triking; in fact, I haven't gone out in awhile. True, we have had a few less-than-ideal days but the weather hasn't been that bad. So, what gives?
Well, the problem is that my MS is acting up. Thankfully nothing too serious but it's been enough to keep me from getting in those fabulous long trips that I am wanting to do. Luckily, it's only April and the season here tends to go on until late October or even early November so I'm not too worried about missing out.
But, still, I do not like not being able to do the things I enjoy. Certainly, I can adapt (you have to when you have any chronic illness). I do have a few crocheting projects on the go and those are my back-up activities. But when it's sunny, warm and otherwise gorgeous, it's hard not to feel that pull to "shoe" up (yes, I'm using a noun as a verb but so what) ease into the seat of my Catrike Trail and zoom away.
What I can say, even from here and surrounded by skeins of black and bright purple yarn, is that the trike has been performing flawlessly. The brakes and shifters are all working perfectly and show no signs of breaking down...

...if only my legs would follow suit.

Oh, I am healing up. These sorts of "relapses" occur fairly regularly and the result is really that I need to take a week or two off from any heavy physical activity but it's the waiting that gets to me after awhile. "Patience," I remind myself as I shuffle along looking like a 3 year old child that's just woken up. "It will pay off!"

Now, back to my rows of dcx100 twice before yarn colour change!

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