Monday, March 8, 2010

Wish coming true???

Well, according to both Environment Canada and The Weather Network, we here in Ottawa can expect a thorough soaking this upcoming weekend. The down side to this is that while we will have a warm, sunny and dry workweek we will also have a wet soggy weekend. Yet, I am heartened by the forecast of sunny skies and +8C on Monday because, by then, the rains that will have washed away all that #$%*(#%(#^ road salt will facilitate drying and that we just might be able to get our trikes out of the garage and onto the road where they belong!

Of course, all of that is predicated in the weather forecast being right. I do check UNISYS weather's GFS images and double check that with Canadian's GFS images. So, assuming the forecast will pan out the way I, not to mention all the other cyclists here, am hoping it will, my next blog posting will likely be weather updates (bear with me) and then - YAHOOGONIE - a genuine trike trip! I am stoked, can you tell?

I removed the links to both EC and TWN because clicking on them will give the reader the current weather and not anything like the conditions this blog entry refers to.


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  1. Yes I can tell, but you are right the weather is perfect to wash away all the salt this weekend and to get started triking.