Friday, March 19, 2010


Since the weather is supposed to turn cloudier, much cooler and damper, I thought I would head out for a quick trip today while it was still nice outside. At this time of year, you gotta take what good days there are 'cause you never know when some rogue blizzard or vicious drenching might take place. It's the last day of winter today and so the stormier spring weather is coming.

Long story short, I did a quick 6.9 kilometre trip this morning in bright, hazy sunshine. As I have no problems whatsoever in riding my trike on main roads (they're for my use too, ya know), I decided to head east on Hunt Club road. As it was around 10:00 am, I didn't expect to find much traffic and there wasn't too much though that's not to say there was none. Oh sure, I got to share the road with taxis, cars, trucks and the odd motorcycle (it's their road, too) but, for the most part, we all got along well enough. There was a problem with one motorcyclist who seemed to think it was perfectly reasonable to weave in and out of traffic, cutting off several other cars and cutting in front of someone who was trying to turn left onto a road. I hung back in the bike lane, hugging the curb, actually, and merely played the role of witness to all this. The words emanating from some of the other drivers were - uh - colourful to say the least and made all the worse by the evident indifference of both the motorcyclist and his passenger. Still, we all seemed to be able to get where we needed to go without any bloodshed (as far as I knew).

The one other type of driver that I felt worth mentioning is the transport truck driver. This morning and universally, I found each one I encountered (about three in total) acted in the most careful and courteous manner. I felt safe sharing the road with these rumbling behemoths and had no problem whatsoever when I needed to merge across two lanes of traffic and into a left turn lane. While I have no problems driving my trike in traffic, am keenly aware of the fact that I am a very low sitting small object and that most other drivers may not see me despite the tall and very orange attention getting flag that flaps about. I tend to pull over or slow down until it is absolutely safe to change lanes. However, given just how few cars there were on the road, I didn't have to do much of that.

It was chilly when I went out but at least there wasn't much of a wind to make things even chillier. However, if the latest weather forecast pans out, it'll be a little while before I head out again. Still, out three times before the, technical, end of winter isn't bad.


  1. It is a good thing you got out when you did - that was a short summer, now back to winter here!