Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just 'cause it's November...

...doesn't mean we can't get out triking.

In fact, that's just what we did on Monday, November 12th. Yes, it's Ottawa. Yes, it's November. Yes, it had been cold but just not yesterday. So, we decided to do a quick run through the local area. We had a cold front sliding our way but we knew the day's high of 20C (that's plus 20 Celsius) wouldn't last long.

At this time of year, such warmth can't last long.

In the accompanying photo, you can see what few autumn leaves are left on our neighbour's yard.

As this would very likely be our last day out for this season, we thought it best to go for a really good ride. So, we left our place and headed for the "Deer Run" subdivision a few kilometres away. Typical for many newer subdivisions, there is a small but very useful multipurpose recreational/cycling pathway that surrounds the houses. It's where people go to walk their dogs (ON leash please), take their babies out in the strollers and we take our trikes.

The pathway cuts through a fairly thick forested area, too, so that only adds to its charm. Except for very early spring where it would be a cold a sticky muck infused place, the "Deer Run" pathway is a pretty place to visit and we were there. Travelling around, the leaves there crunched under our tires and I saw a male cardinal zoom through the forest. At this time of year, you can't miss 'em in their hurts-the-eyes bright red plumage.

From there, and still feeling both energetic and ambitious, we decided to continue east towards yet another subdivision. So, we sailed along Queensdale and crossed Bank Street. It was still early afternoon so there wasn't much automobile traffic which made things easier, of course.

We swung onto 6th avenue, which is a small and very suburban street despite its more "downtown sounding name". Cycling past the elementary school nearby, we could see, and hear, that it was afternoon recess. Homeowners we passed were mostly outside washing their cars in this unusually warm afternoon, knowing that this would be the one and only day for the foreseeable future to do this.

Of course, we connected from that suburban neighbourhood to another one via a simple little pathway - a tiny little downhill venture - and found ourselves deposited onto Carriage Hill Place. A quick zoom down Carriage Hill, onto Sable Ridge and towards Hunt Club Road, we would cross onto Lorry Greenberg. The pathway network encapsulating the library would be our next area.

The pathway system around the library was an easy go for us and even the off-leash dogs there didn't bother us. Alas the pathway system ended for us on Cahill and it was a matter of a few more quick kilometres before we got home.

Our total distance for this, our likely last trip of the season before the snow flies, was 10.7 kilometres. Oh, I might head out a couple of more times this season but probably not. If I do head out, I will make another blog post here. If I don't, well, see you in '13!

Now, I'm thinking about cross-country skiing and hoping like mad we get a good season.

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