Tuesday, July 24, 2012

5.8 and feeling great!!

Okay, I admit that was a terrible rhyme but it is accurate. I did 5.8 kilometres today and I'm feeling great about it.

The weather here in Ottawa has been grim. Wilting under major drought conditions, it's been too dreadfully hot and humid to really go anywhere. So, we were very happy when, yesterday, we had some thundershowers drift through here. Yes, it actually rained yesterday bringing much relief to homeowners and outdoor plants alike. Now, today, it's still cloudy and quite warm - but it's not nearly as blisteringly hot, humid and even the north breezes make being outside a very pleasant venture. It's typical post cold front weather which, given the summer we've been having, is a very welcome thing.

We wanted to avoid any kind of rush hour so we didn't head out until around 8:30 or so. Plus, our trip today would only be around the neighbourhood and avoiding any kind of major road. We went down Bridlepath and towards the nearby suburban streets. There were a few cars but nothing too challenging and, better yet, drivers were actually paying attention to the road and not sending text messages. So, we rode around, essentially, very quiet streets. The cardinals and chickadees were out and making the only real noise we could hear although the persistent hum of traffic on Albion Road was also audible.

Our ventures continued around the streets where we could take in everyone's brown lawns in all their glory. I'm sure yesterday's deluge (13.0mm - a little more than half an inch) was cause to celebrate (it was) so the dormant lawns may actually revive a little bit. Indeed, I saw a few lawns whose general brown had just the slightest tinge of light green. We really do need the rain and, hopefully, we will get more. I don't trike in the rain but I can manage to sneak out in between showers/deluges.

We did get home without any problems and are now just enjoying the rest of the morning.

Today's tally was 5.8 kilometres done. That leaves me 157.2 to go as of today.

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