Monday, May 9, 2011

a (mostly) sunny Sunday!

Our original intent was to take the quadracycle out and meander through the neighbourhoods. It's early May now which means that some streets are having yard sales and I am looking for a piece of window glass so I can make my more permanent solar oven. The cardboard one still works nicely but its purpose was only to test the concept and whether I could actually make one. I proved I could so it's on to the next step.

So, we thought it would make more sense to use the quadracycle since it has the carrying capacity for such items were we to actually find anything. However, about a kilometre out, one of the chains broke so bang went that idea. It was all for the best, actually, as there wasn't a single yard sale anywhere to be found so we didn't think we would miss anything.

With all the cold and rain we had had recently, we really wanted to take advantage of the sunshine, as mottled by high clouds as it was. We wanted to be outside and cycling along the streets. We were both disappointed by the breakdown of our quadracycle but decided that we weren't going to let that stop us from enjoying the day.

Enter the catrikes!

It was a simple matter of taking out the trikes, plunking ourselves into our seats and zooming away. Yard sales could wait and, besides, there hadn't been any on the Sunday anyway. Most neighbourhoods don't have those weekend-long yard sales until the May long weekend anyway so neither of us was particularly worried.

And how could we be worried as we zoomed and zipped through the neighbourhoods? With the clouds continuing to thin, more or less, and with little in the way of wind, the day could only get nicer. We have had a rather persistent upper low spinning over top bringing with it rains, winds and cold temperatures. But now, finally, the low has edged away, s-l-o-w-l-y as it had done so. By the time we had finished our jaunt through suburbia I had added another 8.13 kilometres to my annual tally.

Now, I sit and see that the skies are that brilliant blue, the tree branches steady in the no wind condition and the nearby forest sporting that green haze of emerging leaves.

Today, we have an actual practical mission. My friend, Helena, and I have rented one of the allotment garden plots the city of Ottawa provides to residents. Although it is still too early to plant anything per se, we are going to meet up with her at our plot (#198) to at least see what tidying and ground prep needs to be done. So, I'm taking my trike while Adam, whose Catrike Speed has a lot less clearance than my Trail, will be using his mountain bike. If the plot is what Helena and I recall when we first considered renting it for the season, there shouldn't be too much to do for now but that's another story.

Enjoy the sunshine, folks. I know I will!

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